The Evolving Nature of the Scenario of Jobs in Durgapur and Its Impact

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wdA decade or two ago, the only job in Durgapur, which had any value, was that of Durgapur Steel Plant, a SAIL operated steel plant. The new pass outs of the city had little or no option. They either had to wait, sometimes years to get through to SAIL. The process was arduous and sometimes the wait for employment was unfruitful. Or they had to shift base to other cities for gainful employment. This meant leaving behind their hometown, families, friends and memories. This has changed considerably with more generation of jobs in Durgapur.

Jobs in Durgapur have been possible because of the growth and development of IT/BPO sector in the city. A few years back this sector was flourishing in Kolkata. But now with all the major corporate and non corporate setting up their camp in Kolkata, the metropolitan have become saturated. For years, people pursuing a career in IT sector sought out employment in Kolkata. People from all over West Bengal flocked to Kolkata for their bread and butter, which have slowly resulted in the saturation of the job market there. Hence,

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5 Prerequisites for Being a Successful Beautician

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2eIt takes a lot to be a successful beauty therapist. These days this course has become quite a lucrative career option for the youngsters because of the glamorous lifestyle that one gets out of it. However, it takes quite a lot of effort and skills to be successful in this profile, and it is not everyone’s task to beautify people.

There are a number of personal prerequisites that are absolutely necessary to survive and make a name for yourself in this field. Without these, it will be quite challenging to stay and compete in this area. That is why prior to opting for this as your career path judge yourself well that whether you are made for this line or not.

Be outgoing and tension-free – This is the first and foremost prerequisite for being a professional in this field. You have to be very outgoing and mix well with your clients so that you can understand what they need and deliver accurately. Secondly, since this is quite a creative field, you have to be tension-free so as to give your best and succeed.


Considering A Career in Industrial Safety Management?

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erThe aim of Industrial Safety Management is to lessen the chance of accidents and injuries by the implementation of various techniques of risk and safety management. Even the improvement of the physical health of employees and monitoring the safety operations of an industry contributes to the accomplishment of this aim. The increase of natural disaster in our world raised the importance of safeguarding the environment and conservation of the existing natural and human resources. This in turn led to the escalation of A Career in Industrial Safety Management.

Industrial Safety Management Courses,

Currently, courses in Industrial Safety have achieved popularity. These courses focus on workplace safety in production industries since, security is the chief apprehension in every manufacturing units. It insists on the use of gloves, protective gear, and helmets. Organizations using automatic procedures and heavy mechanical devices severely stick to safety standards for their workers and visitors. Safety measure is consistently significant in both inside the industrial unit and the open pit mines. Bulldozers and Drillers are widely used in outdoors in addition to cranes and lifts which are still extensively used in factories apart


How Much Can You Make As A Veterinary Technician?

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Veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants are the major helping hands at a vet’s office. The former job position however brings along greater responsibilities. It involves taking animal vitals, assessing symptoms, treating illnesses and offering medical assistance during surgical procedures under the guidance of a registered vet. One also acts as the go-between between pet owners and the vet explaining medical procedures and treatment methods.

The job outlook for veterinary technicians is very good. If you have always been passionate about looking after animals and are interested in pursuing it as a career, here’s a short break up of what the veterinary technician salary looks like.

The Figures

The average veterinary technician salary is between $30,000 and $32,000 a year. The average hourly rate is approximately $15. The top earners take home more than $20 an hour. This does not include the overtime charges.

The salary of a veterinary technician is not fixed. It is determined by a range of factors including educational qualifications, work experience, field of specialization and the local area you choose to work.

Education qualifications –

It is the determining factor in the veterinary technician salary. In most cases, a two-year training program is a must. There are vocational courses and four-year programs


10 Jobs for Fresh Graduates

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Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Are you amongst the hundreds who have been forwarding their resume, but are not getting any positive response? If that is the case, we have some excellent news for you. There are many jobs that are willing to take in fresh graduates. These jobs may not be very well paying but they give you an entry into the industry and make it easy for you to grow from here.

So, here is a look at your options:

Sales executive: For many organisations, the buying-selling process is constantly on. You can easily get absorbed as a sales executive. Mind you, this is just the entry level option. Work hard and a sales job can really take you places.

Programmer: If you have little knowledge about computers, do a programing course and you will be surprised at the way in which your opportunities can multiply. What’s more is that applying to such jobs does not require too much experience.

Content Developer: Companies are in dire need of content developers. Those who are well versed with the nuances of developing engaging content and using it as a marketing tool can get a good job in this category.

Transcriptionist: Another


Importance Of Safety Officer

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Companies are involved to employ a knowledgeable person to act as a safety officer. This gives the company owner peace of mind that safety requirements are being met, and permits higher management to hub on other targets connecting to costs, production and profits.

Health and safety advisers are employed by a broad range of public and big private sector organizations as well as local authorities, hospitals, engineering companies, manufacturers, chemical processing plants and food processing or packaging plants.

What does a safety officer execute?

As a safety officer, it’s your responsibility to make people safe in the job sir. An expert in the dangers that could supervise in your functioning environment, your job engages cautious planning to lessen the number of injuries, accidents and health problems that may happen.With every working environment being diverse to the next, this could be teaching techniques to help manage with the hours employees pay out staring at a computer screen, to using potentially dangerous tools on a building location.

Usual responsibilities of the job include:

• Examining incidents, accidents, complaints and cases of sick health
• undertaking risk estimations and location inspections
• guarantee that equipment is installed properly/safely
• identifying potential hazards
• determining ways of reducing risks

10 Career Options Where You Can Walk In & Apply

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A common cause of concern for fresh graduates is getting a job. After all, you invest so much for a graduation degree, securing a job is your best bet at planning your finances to repay the debt. However, most organisations often refuse fresh graduates fearing that the lack of experience could affect their business.

But that does not mean that fresh graduates have nothing for themselves. In fact, we will now introduce you to 10 jobs that are open to taking walk in interviews for fresh graduates:

Call centre jobs: At a call centre, interested applicants can try for various profiles. The big advantage of these jobs is that you get initial break, great exposure and of course an excellent salary.

Sales: As executives, you get a chance to sharpen your skills and learn the tricks of the trade. If you are a fresh graduate looking for a job, grab the opportunity to become a sales executive. It will help you earn money and you never know, the exposure could help you get a good job.

Receptionist: A receptionist is like the face of the organisation. These jobs are available through walk in interviews and are therefore easy to target.

Supervisor jobs: As a supervisor,


What Are The Various Kinds of Jobs For Freshers?

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If you have the right qualification, a good job is not hard to get. All you require is a little direction and of course guidance to search for the right opportunities. It is not necessary that your first shot at getting a job is your last one. More important, is to secure a breakthrough, get into the industry and of course continue to grow.

However, if you are a fresh graduate struggling to secure a job in any profile, it is important to learn about the right approach. In fact, many a times, the only reason why people miss out on a number of good job opportunities is because they are unable to categorise their options and organise their approach.

Today, we live in a technically advanced era, so make the most of it! Use the internet and series of other details to understand the job opportunities around you. Another good thing to do will be to register yourself on websites like Monster and other job portals. This way you will be updated with the latest opportunities that you are eligible for.

Now that we have introduced you to the basics of looking for the right job opportunities, let’s elaborate on the various

The World Needs Everyone’s Input

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When choosing a career, many young adults ask which job will give them more prestige, which position is more important, will pay more, and will give them a push into bigger and better possibilities.

Everyone figures that with technology, the future is without limit and this is the way to go. Medicine also challenges newbies to consider this choice when it is career time. But have you noticed that there is a large segment of our population that seems to be looked down on, in fact it is really obliterated when it comes to those planning their job futures. Manual labor comes to mind and maybe this is something that would be considered when tragedy strikes and nothing is left. These jobs could be a quick buck but never made into a lifestyle. This choice, better known as blue-collar is not really a sought after college course, certainly not even close to literature, history, or even drama.

The point is if everyone felt that many positions are beneath them, then in all fairness they should stop using the services that these career choices give them. If we are looking at the hierarchy of “worthiness” then the truck driver should stop delivering food,

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Offer A Perfect First Job

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Almost everyone can remember their first job. For previous generations, memories of first jobs included paper routes, raking lawns, and shoveling driveways, as they were some of the most common ways to begin making money. Today, some of the most common entry-level jobs are found in restaurants. These positions are popular as employees can be easily trained. Here are five reasons why working in the service industry makes a great first job.


Unlike many traditional professions, service industry workers often have a wide range of flexibility in their schedules. If an establishment serves all three meals, there will sometimes be three separate shifts throughout the day. This means that you can choose a work schedule that still allows you to fulfill other commitments, such as school, chores, and athletics. Furthermore, most restaurants will allow employees to work as much or as little as they like. That means you can work full-time during the summer, and then transition to working weekends once school starts again.

Better Pay

For people who did not work in the service industry, their first job was almost assuredly a minimum wage position. If you work as a busser or waiter, you can easily earn more than the minimum wage

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Advantages of Civil Services

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When it comes to choosing one from government and private jobs, the choice always favors the civil services. However, the choice cannot be doubted. Government jobs come up with so many benefits like security, good pay scales and other facilities that it is out of the question to say “No” to it. A government job looks like a perfect position for almost all the economic conditions and other perspectives. The article discusses the five chief advantages of joining as a civil servant.

Stability and Security

The foremost advantage of choosing civil services is that there is no risk of losing your job like the private sector. Once you have got it, it’s yours until you retire from it. On the other hand, private companies neither offer such security nor the stability. After a certain period of time, they may not offer you the package you deserve. So, in that case, you will definitely have to switch from one company to another, which is not the case with government jobs. Thus, civil services are the priority because of the security it offers.

Solid Packages

Another benefit that the government jobs offer is the solid salary package. Although, it is believed that the private sectors offer

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7 Most Popular IT Jobs

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Information technology is a booming field. Companies, both large and small, need trained workers who understand the changing technological landscape. It is a fast growing market. If you are interested in IT jobs, you might want to get an education in one of these specialized disciplines.

Network Engineer

Your responsibility as a network engineer is to design, set up, and maintain telecommunication and computer networks. This is the most challenging and demanding of all the information technology disciplines. In some cases, you are responsible for maintaining security, managing data storage, and devising disaster recovery strategies.

Software Developer

Everyone uses software. It is what runs computers, tablets, and smartphones. Before anyone can use it, it has to be created first. Software developers are the brains behind the code that run websites, business applications, and even video games. Your responsibility is to plan and design a concept that will prove useful to others. Then, you will build the program using scripting languages such as SQL, Java, and Python. It is your job to test the application at every step. Software developers do not just create applications. Other IT jobs in this field include web designers and Internet developers.

Information Technology Consultant

As an information technology consultant, it is

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How To Break Into The Beauty Therapy Industry

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People like looking good. Looking good makes people feel good about themselves. It lifts their spirits, boosts their confidence and alleviates their stress. If you want to help others learn how to appreciate and enhance their appearances, you should consider entering the beauty therapy industry. This is currently one of the fastest growing fields out there.

The first and most obvious way to break into this field is by attending a beauty school and getting your cosmetology license. When it comes to providing beauty services for profit, both regulators and consumers want to know that you are duly trained. By completing these courses, you can cut and style hair in a salon, provide nail services and even open your own business.

You should know, however, that this type of training can be costly and it can also take a considerable amount of time to complete. Licensing is good for people who want to work in the salon environment, but this is certainly not the only way in which you can work. You also have to consider the fact that you can do far more than simply cut and style hair or provide manicures. You can even use your knowledge and skills to

Advantages of Having a Government Job As a Career

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The younger generation has the least amount of interest in government jobs, but it is safe to say that there is still a very large crowd out there that is deeply aspiring for a government job. There might be quite a few disadvantages when it comes to a government job but there are many advantages on the contrary that make these jobs all the more attractive in the long run.

Get your pay/salary on time

It doesn’t matter whether the country you are in is going through depression or recession. You will get your salary on the due date without any delay and this is followed each and every month. It is one of the important things to consider.

You are pensionable until death

You can avail your pension until you die. This means that there is a complete and a full proof insurance your entire life. This is not available in a private job.

Free time

It is easily understandable that the workload in a government job is near to negligible. This can give you a lot of free time to do other lively activities and enjoy your life. Activities like reading, writing and other physical activities are not always possible in a private job.



The Best In Class IT Consultant

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In the fast moving and ever changing world of IT the ability of IT Managers and Practitioners to be truly effective consultants has never been greater.

So what are the capabilities and attributes displayed by the very best IT Consultants? I believe they fall into seven categories as follows:

1. Thought Leadership

2. Client Knowledge

3. Strategic Thinking

4. Experience and Know How

5. Problem Solving

6. Relationship Management

7. Change Leadership

In looking at each of these seven key contributors to success in turn I have made the underlying assumption that the primary objective of the IT Consultant is to explore, reveal and extract the full commercial value within a client account. In other words it’s all about CLIENT INTIMACY.

1. Thought Leadership

A Thought Leader is someone or a corporate entity, recognised to be a leader in their field. The outside world determines whether an individual or an organisation is a thought leader.

Thought leadership is based on reputation. That reputation is based on the person’s or organisation’s understanding of its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader market-place in which s/he operates. Quite simply they are deemed to be pre-eminent in their area of expertise.

To be a thought leader requires a spirit of generosity – generosity of

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Exciting Benefits of Online Jobs

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Are you tired and fed up with travelling every day? Are you allergic to huge traffic jams? Do you think that the system of 9-6 is not fit for you? Do you hate the pesky boss in your office? If the answer is yes, then online jobs will be the best alternative job that will cater your needs. Most of you by now are aware of an online job and its different perks. These jobs today are highly favored due to the different benefits that it offers. In fact the total number of people that are working online has surged of late. Changes in the pattern of work and the economic turmoil have made such jobs a popular pick among people. No wonder there is no dearth in the availability of such jobs pertaining to various expertise and skills set.

Explore the many benefits of jobs online

Online jobs basically are jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. In fact, an interesting trend which has been noticed lately is that working professionals too are considering these jobs from home as a quick and easy means to earn a good sum of money. These jobs are ideal for professionals,

Review of Peace Corps Recruiters

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Helping You to Find the Right Answers

Before I decided to apply to the Peace Corps I had a lot of questions about every small detail of service in the Peace Corps. So I contacted my local recruiter looking for help and he has without a doubt been the most helpful person during my application process. All recruiters have to be returned volunteers so they have firsthand knowledge of most things that go into the Peace Corps experience. So being that they have a wealth of knowledge they are able to answer most questions you would have for them. When my recruiter realized he didn’t know the answer he talked to his coworkers, bosses, and other volunteers to try to answer the question for me. This was extremely helpful but not only that, it was extremely thoughtful as well.

Getting You in Contact with the Right People

My recruiter not only asked people questions on my behalf. He actually found people for me to talk to. I was so ecstatic that he was able to find me people to talk to about medical concerns I never would have guessed other volunteers have dealt with. When I expressed my nervousness about this to my

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The Peace Corps Application Process

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The Peace Corps Resume

The resume is the single most important part of your application. They expect it to be 2-3 pages of all of your work and volunteering along with and skills or languages you know. One of the hardest parts for me was that they wanted to know exactly how long you did each thing for, how many times a week, and for how many hours each time. The resume gets attached to your application and reviewed to see if you even qualify for the first round of cuts. My biggest tip for the resume is to make sure you know what positions you are wanting to apply for.

The Peace Corps Motivational Statement

The other big section of the application is the motivational statement. This is your chance to explain to the Peace Corps why you want to be a volunteer, why you would be a good one and how you will overcome challenges your service may present. They want it as concise as possible. They say that your motivational statement cannot help you but it can hurt you. So make sure to put some effort into it.

Health Form and Skills Assessment

After submitting your application you are prompted to fill


Becoming A Plastic Surgeon The Benefits

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A plastic surgeon is a trained professional in the medical field, who specializes in restoration of the original appearance and/ or functionality of the human body. This particular medical field is further divided into even more specialized fields such as:

– Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgeons handle patients seeking to enhance their physical appearance to look younger or hide deformities.

– Reconstructive surgery: This type of surgery is undertaken on patients who have suffered severe injuries to their skin, flesh and bones. Depending on the level of damage, surgeons seek to restore the original appearance of the body or restore functionality.

– Microsurgery: Microsurgery is performed on a microscopic level so as to restore or repair tissues, vessels and nerves that have been damaged.

To become recognized as a surgeon, you must undergo extensive education and pupilage in the field for a specified duration. This involves four years of undergraduate to attain a bachelor of medicine and five to six years post graduate degree to attain a bachelor of surgery. Afterwards, you must study for a professional doctorate of medicine. The final qualification is a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). This qualification enables you to practice in any field of medicine or surgery in Australia

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Marketing Could Be Your Suitable Career Option

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Marketing has been among the most important pillars of most industries. Companies rely heavily on marketing campaigns to reach masses and consumers they can’t reach directly. Marketers have always surprised the world with their crazy ideas and sometimes left the world in aww with weird bizarre campaigns. A good marketing team can changes company’s fate with a limited budget and limited time. That’s the reason companies focus a lot on hiring right talent for their marketing team.

– What is a marketing executive’s profile?

The profile’s key responsibilities can be considered as:
Coming up with ideas to publicize the company or a particular product
Coming up with an execution plan for the idea
Contacting vendors if needed and executing the plan
Researching the products or campaign, collecting needed data and its analysis

– Why should you consider marketing as a potential option?

You can actively start considering marketing as a career option if you are driven towards these following traits that are needed in this job segment. Let’s go through a few important traits:

Creative: If you consider yourself creative, and in the past have been involved in activities which require creative thinking, marketing could be suitable for you.

Spontaneous: You should be one of those